DELIVERANCE FROM DEMONIC MANIPULATION.
1 John 3 vs 8.
 To start with, ask yourself, "Am I really free?" meaning are you doing what you truly want to do with your life or relationship or is there someone or something influencing you to such a degree that you have literally become a slave to
Demonic manipulation is where you have demonic forces heavily influencing your mind and spirit, to do things you would not ordinarily do
Demonic manipulation can also be defined as the capturing of one's reasoning ability, forcing a victim to conform and subject themselves to the wishes and desires of a manipulator.
Demonic manipulation is a demonic enticement to do things you would not ordinarily do.
Demonic manipulation can also be defined as: the capture of one’s reasoning ability, forcing it to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.
In other words, if somebody wanted you to reason in a particular way, he could put a spell on you, thereby manipulating your reasoning ability in order to achieve his goal.
Demonic manipulation can also be defined as a spell that cannot be seen, felt or touched, yet it is something you act on.
It sometimes will make you look away from that which is good and reasonable, while desiring that which is harmful and unreasonable.The problem with demonic manipulation is that when the enemy makes you want something, you will want it so desperately that all other considerations become secondary.


1.Lord, in the name of Jesus, expose those around me who are demonically manipulating my life.
2.Father, as the scales fell from the eyes of Saul of Tarsus, every scale of demonic manipulation falls off my eyes, mind, and emotions, NOW, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
3.I refuse to be under the control of any spiritual influence other than the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD , in the name of Jesus..
4.O Lord, I overrule every plan of the enemy to use demonic manipulation against my life, family, ministry and Prevailing Love, in the name of Jesus.
5.By the blood of Jesus, I make it impossible for the enemy to manipulate me while I sleep, in name of Jesus.
6.O Lord, I refuse to respond to any evil call, in the name of Jesus.
7.Every evil power, standing against my life, FALL, and RISE NO MORE, , in the name of Jesus.
8.Lord, in the name of Jesus, I take the hand, eyes and interest of satan away from any and all matters concerning my life, family, ministry and church.
9.I will not die before my time, in the name of Jesus.
10.I will not be destroyed by any demonic manipulation, in the name of Jesus.
11.Lord, I have complete victory over every demonic manipulation aimed at destroying my life, family, business, finances, ministry and church, in the name of Jesus.
12.I decree that every spiritual cage that held any area of my life is opened, NOW, in the name of Jesus.

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