VICTORY OVER STUBBORN PURSUERS
SCRIPTURES: Exodus 14:21-30, Exodus 11:10.

1. Holy Ghost, break every evil leg working about for my sake, in the name of Jesus.
2. Satanic competitors assigned against my marriage, career, business, and ministry, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. O God arise and deal with any power, personality, or spirit that is circulating my name for evil, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every spirit of fruitlessness in my life, be paralyzed now, the name of Jesus.
5. I smash every giant of almost there to piece, in the name of Jesus
6. Every progress arrester assigned against me, be exposed and be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.
. Prayer: O God arise and scatter every power that is assigned to stop me.


Do you see people pursuing you in your dreams? So many people are being pursued but many do not even know it.  So long as you spend all your time running from evil pursuers, it will be very difficult for you to accomplish anything significant with your life.  The spiritual energy that you should have used to accomplish great things is used up in running from pursuers. This is nothing new because in the Bible, we see that so long as Stubborn pharaoh was after Israel, Israel could not fulfill her divine destiny.  She could not serve God. Therefore, this is a serious issue that we are dealing with here today as it affects our ability to fulfill our destiny.

 I pray that the Lord will step into our situation and help us to overcome our pursuers as He did for Israel in the name of Jesus.

Stubborn pursuers are:

1.    Powers that are blocking your way, preventing you from moving forward in life.
 2.  Powers that are standing between you and your breakthroughs.
3.    Powers that are pursuing you in your dreams.
4.    Powers that are assigned to arrest or stop you in your tracks
5.    They are powers that want to waste the glorious destiny that God has for you.
6.    They are the powers that are programming evil appointments for you.  
These include appointment with rejection, failure, diversion, shame, and untimely death.

Prayer: O God arise and disappoint every power making evil appointments for me.

7. They are the slave masters like Pharaoh.
Slave masters want you to do all the work while they appropriate all the rewards from your labor to themselves.

Prayer: You my pharaoh, wherever you are; whoever you are, your time is up, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.   
8. They are powers that want you dead.
These powers are like Haman.  Esther 5:14. They want you dead and will not settle for less.   You cannot appease them with red wine. They want your blood. Never mind.  They too will be hung in the gallows that they have prepared for you after the order of Haman.  Esther 7:10.

Prayer: Every power that wants me dead, die in my place after the order of Hamman, in the name of Jesus.

There are pursuers and there are pursuers.  All pursuers are not the same.  Some pursuers are more relentless than others.  Why are they more relentless?  A pursuer becomes more relentless, refusing to turn back from pursuing you:

1.    When he is an avenger.
He wants to avenge something such as a wrong or a mistake. He wants you to pay dearly for what you have done. The only way out here is to call on the mercy of God and on the blood of Jesus to avail for you. A good example is Joab and his brother Abishai who pursued Abner relentless until they eventually lured him out of the city of Refuge and killed him. They were relentless because he had killed their brother Asahel in battle.  2 Samuel 3:30.

Prayer: Blood of Jesus work for me and deliver me from every avenger, in the name of Jesus.

2.    When he is operating under a covenant to destroy.
A good example is the people that took a vow not to eat until they had destroyed Apostle Paul.  Acts 23:12.
3.  When you have the pursuer’s property in your possession.
      For example, marine powers will not leave you alone when you have their candles, their evil garments, special white bedsheets, special perfume, special sponge, and special soap in your possession.  The devil and his cohorts will keep coming back to trouble you until you not only get rid of his possessions but also cleanse your house thoroughly.
4.  When you are living in secret sin.
5.  When you refuse to make restitution.
      You refuse to give back the things that you have stolen and the “gifts” that another woman’s husband bought for you with the money that he was supposed to feed his family with while they were left hungry.

     Prayer: O God in your mercy, help me and enable me to make restitution today.

6.  When they are operating on several fronts in a person’s life.
      For example, in the area of marriage, finance, career, and business.

Prayer:Every stubborn pursuer pursuing my life, turn back and die, in the name of Jesus.

7. When the pursuer is already inside while you are busy looking for him outside.
8. When your foundation is still faulty and needs to be repaired
    For example, when you are still carrying around a polluted evil name that dedicates you to the idols of your father’s house and you refuse to change it despite all the godly counsel that you have received.  Another example is when the serpents of your father’s house are still pursuing you and swallowing all the good things coming your way. 
9.  When you are consciously or unconsciously possessed
     Maybe you are an unconscious witch (Please see the blog post “Are you a witch?”).  Or maybe you are loaded with familiar spirits. Friends are complaining that every time you come around virtues, goodness, and other things are stolen in their dreams. 
10. When you are trying to come out of an evil association but the wrong way.
      It has to be done under proper supervision and oversite.  Also with great wisdom.
11. When your parents sold you to them voluntarily through evil dedication.
      Envious, unfriendly friends would go to any length to stop you.
12. When you willingly went to them to get help
      For example, you voluntarily went to them to give you a husband, a child, money, or healing. 
 13. When he or she is your sex partner
 14. When you are living on their altar
        Your house, church, office, or business is sitting on their altar.  It is your responsibility to obtain correct information from God about any place that you plan to occupy.
 15. When you are married to them spiritually.
         Any power that you are married to, you have been sold to.
      6. When evil covenants are keeping them in place
                For example, evil dedication.
      17. When a curse is in place that feeds it.          
     For example, curse issued by wicked parents, pastors, people owed money,       
     spouses and ex-spouses.

            When a life is under stubborn unrelenting hot pursuit:

1.    There will be spiritual fatigue
      This makes praying very difficult
2.   Antagonize people that God has sent to help your destiny
3.   Hypocritical
4.   Prefer to stay in churches where they will not grow spiritually
5.   Profitless hard work
6.  Opposition everywhere
7.  Constantly being repaid evil for good
8.  Affliction
9.  Harassment by arresting powers
10.  Demotion
11.    Living below God’s standard for your life

1.    Take a moment and examine your life.
2.    Do you fall into any of the categories that were discussed as far as those that stubborn pursuers refuse to turn back from pursuing.
3.   What about the symptom of a life under pursuit.  Do they sound familiar?  Are they present in your life? Forgive all that have used witchcraft weapons against you.
4.   If you answered yes, please do not despair because through this teaching, the of God is available here today to deliver you from the grip of the stubborn unrepentant pursuer. Know for sure that:
      Mercy is available today.
      Grace is available today.
      The power of God is available today.
      The blood of Jesus is available today.
      The name of Jesus is available today.
5.   Bring quality repentance before God and ask Him to forgive your sins and those of your ancestors using psalm 32 and 51.
6.    Use the blood of Jesus to close all the doors that opened in your life that are keeping the stubborn pursuer (s) in place in your life.
 7. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Pray inquiring prayers asking God to show you the real source of your problems. Ask him to show you what is keeping stubborn pursuers in place in your life. In doing this please consider the following:
      What name do you bear? Does it glory God or the devil?
      Were you entangled with a boyfriend/girlfriend who was possessed?
      Do you see yourself with dreadlocks in your dreams?
      Do you eat meat with others in your dreams?
      Were you rejected or abandoned as a child?
      Do you have unbroken curses operating in your life?
      Do you patronize wrong places such as the herbalist? Yerberia? Psychics? And marine powered churches?
    8. Go into warfare prayers against stubborn unrepentant pursuers.
    9.    Pray prayer of restoration to recover all that stubborn pursuers have killed, stolen, and    
         destroyed in your life.
    10.    Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God.

Songs: 1. Stubborn Goliath fall down and die 2. Holy Ghost pursue pursuer 3. Stubborn Pharaoh in my life

1. O Lord, if I am my own worst enemy, arise and help me today.
2. O Lord, let your mercy speak for me, in the name of Jesus.
3. Blood of Jesus, close every open door in my life.
4. Every stubborn pursuer of my father’s house, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every stubborn pursuer of my mother’s house die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every power assigned to bring me down, turn back and die, in the name of Jesus.
7. Every warfare prepared for my life, scatter by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
8. Arise O God, pursue my pursuer, in the name of Jesus.
9. O God arise and let all internal pursuers scatter unto desolation, in the name of Jesus.
10. O God, arise and scatter enemies that have refuses to let me go, in the name of Jesus.
11. Every pharaoh working against my breakthroughs fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
12. Let the earth open up and swallow every stubborn pursuer of my life.
13. Within seven days, let all my stubborn pursuers be burnt and buried, in the name of Jesus.
14. O God arise, smite my stubborn enemies on their cheekbone, and break their teeth, in the name of Jesus.
15. Every evil conclusion and expectation about my life, be reversed by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

(Praise and worship the Lord in-between these Prayers)
1.Oh Lord, deliver me from the control of evil hands in the name of Jesus.
 If you are using this prayer for a particular case then make a vow you can easily fulfill concerning the case to the Lord. Job 22 v 25 – 28
 2.  Every evil hand raised against me, I summon you before my God for judgment in the name of Jesus. 3.Every work of evil hands over my life and family, Holy Ghost fire, paralyze them in the name of Jesus.
4. Holy Ghost fire, paralyze every evil hand that has refused to leave me alone in the name of Jesus..
 5. Every evil seed sowed into my life and family, receive fire and die in the name of Jesus..
 6.Back bone of evil hands over my life and………… broken to pieces in the name of Jesus.
7. Owners of evil hands afflicting my soul, body and spirit, be paralyzed and die in the name of Jesus.
8. Holy Ghost fire, uproot and kill every tares and emptiness sowed into the garden of my life in the name of Jesus.
 9.With your hand drink the blood of Jesus to your satisfaction, then be silent for some time.5mins (you may vomit)
10. Right hand on your head. Anything in me planted by evil hands go back to senders in the name of Jesus.
11. Holy Ghost fire, arrest my soul, body and spirit and put them together in the name of Jesus.. 12.Angels of God, repair any part of my body that has been damaged by the enemies in the name of Jesus.
13.You the evil hands chasing my destiny day and night, die suddenly in the name of Jesus..
14. Holy Ghost fire, destroy every instrument witchcraft is using to oppress my destiny in the name of Jesus.
 15.Holy Ghost fire, destroy every witchcraft gang up afflicting my life day and night in the name of Jesus.
16.Holy Ghost fire, uproot, destroy and wipe away the foundation of my oppressors in the name of Jesus.
17.Evil hand of poverty and backwardness that want to afflict me, receive fire and die in the name of Jesus.
18. Holy Ghost sword cut off every evil hand attacking me day and night in the name of Jesus. 19.Every witchcraft hand, lifted against my blessing and destiny receive fire and die in the name of Jesus.
20. Holy Ghost fire destroy every evil hand that has tampered with my star in the name of Jesus.. 21.Blood of Jesus, close every door, through which the enemies rob me day and night in the name of Jesus.
 22. I re-open the gate of my life, Holy Ghost fire; Angels of God secure it for me in the name of Jesus.
23. Holy Ghost fire, uproot and destroy the root of my problems completely in the name of Jesus.  24.You that evil hand from my father’s house, raised against me and my family receive fire and die in the name of Jesus.
 25. Angels of God release my . . . …. . to me
    My star, my wealth and my health I re-posses you back completely in the name of Jesus.
 26. I release my soul, body and spirit from every evil arrest and manipulation in the name of Jesus.
 27. Holy spirit of God, disgrace every evil hand working day and night to pull me down in the name of Jesus.
 28.Oh Lord, give me increase in every activity of my life in the name of Jesus.
 29.Oh Lord, walk into every area and every second of my life for good in the name of Jesus.
 30.Oh Lord, make me a flame of fire and untouchable day and night in the name of Jesus.
 31.Fire of greatness increase in me daily in the name of Jesus.

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