PRAYER TO DESTROY AFFLICTIONS
Psalm 34:19-22: Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. [20] He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken. [21] Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate. [22] The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.

The Bible makes us to know that the righteous could have afflictions and they could actually be many; but the Lord will deliver him from them ALL He will keep all his bones and not one will be broken but evil shall slay the wicked.

There will surely be oppositions, obstacles, problems, adversities, attacks, contrary views, people will gather against you but the Bible says there shall be deliverance.

None of us have a clue what our forefathers were doing 200 years ago, but one thing is certain if you're a black person: our forefathers did not serve God. They actively served the devil and it's now affecting us. There are 50 kinds of people who should pray like mad prophets:

    If you're from a royal family
    If the name of an idol is part of your name
    If you have a shrine in your family house
    If you come from idolatry village
    If you buy food from our local market
    If you have participated in traditional and/or cultural dances
    If you are into idolatry by association, that is, you are not directly involved in idolatry, but your business partner is
    If you have incisions on your body because those are marks of idol worship
    If you have done wicked ritual ceremony
    Marriage ceremony rituals
    If you have ever done anything fetish
    If you have ever consulted witch doctors
    If you have ever used any lucky charm
    If you have ever bought satanic souvenirs and put it in your house to decorate
    If you have ever been to a local bone setter
    If you have ever used candles or incense to pray
    If you are involved in Palmistry
    You practice horoscope or astrology
    You read magic books
    If you have ever played ludo, whots, or snakes & ladder
    Lodge membership
    If you have acupuncture or tattoos on your body
    If you have ever used rosaries
    If you hang crucifixes on your neck
    If you have celebrated ritual parties before
    If you have eaten food sacrificed to idols
    If you have gone to a satanic church
    If you have gone to consult the dead
    If you buy herbs from our local market
    If you carry sacrifices

    Some of the things we think are big issues are caused by small things. The bible says, "my people perish" not my people faint or my people are weak.
    Idolatrous foundation
    Living in any house in Africa that was built before the gospel came to that place. In Lagos, majority of the houses do NOT belong to Christians
    If your parents are still actively worshipping idols
    If your placenta has been buried somewhere and a tree has been planted on top of it
    If you have shaved your hair for the dead before
    If there are materials buried in your family compound
    Killing of animals ritually
Prayer Points
1. Fire of God, healed my head now in the name of Jesus.(7 times)

2. I claim freedom from every evil pronouncement against my head.

3. Every forces of affliction against my head disappear.

4. Blood of Jesus 7 hot times repaired my head now.

5. Every damaged done to my head received permanent  solution.

6. My head reject any evil manipulation.

7. Let every force of affliction be consumed by divine fire in the name of Jesus

8. All evil strangers come out of your hiding places in the name of Jesus

9. All bewitched properties receive deliverance in the name of Jesus

10. Let the handwriting of the enemy turn against him in the name of Jesus.

11. Let every evil king installed against me be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

12. I paralyzed every satanic wrestler and struggler for my goodness in the name of Jesus.

13. Every stronghold of debt be dashed to pieces in the name of Jesus.

14. Every stronghold of oppression be dashed to pieces in the name of Jesus.

15. Every stronghold of loss be dashed to pieces in the name of Jesus.

16. Let every hunter of my soul begin to shoot themselves in the name of Jesus.

17. Lord, empower my life with your anointing in the name of Jesus.

Place your right hand on your head

18. Lord, let your healing power flow into my body in the name of Jesus

19. Lord, let your purging fire flow into my body in the name of Jesus.

20. Let my head be delivered from every pollution in the name of Jesus.

21. Lord, make the impossible possible for me in the name of Jesus.

22. O Lord, make a way for me where there is no way in the name of Jesus.

23. Every assignment and weapon of the enemy against me be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

24. Every evil weapon fashioned against me be roasted in the name of Jesus

25. Every destiny destroyed by polygamy be reversed, in the name of Jesus.

26. Every witchcraft power working against my destiny, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

27. Every incantation and ritual working against my destiny be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.

28. Every power of darkness assigned against my destiny, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

29. Every evil power trying to re-program my life, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

30. I reject every rearrangement of my destiny by household wickedness, in the name of Jesus.

31. Lord, anytime I want to make a mistake, direct me aright.

32. I refuse to be removed from the divine agenda, in the name of Jesus.

33. I refuse to be limited by any power of darkness, in the name of Jesus.

34. Every quencher of my destiny, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

35. O Lord, let my divine destiny appear and let perverted destiny disappear.

36. I reject every satanic re-arrangement of my destiny, in the name of Jesus.

37. I refuse to live below my divine standard, in Jesus’ name.

38. Every evil power having negative awareness of my destiny be impotent, in the name of Jesus.

39. I paralyze every destiny polluter, in the name of Jesus.

40. Let every door of attack on my spiritual progress be closed, in Jesus' name.

41. Holy Spirit set me on Fire for God.

42. I command all my imprisoned benefits to be released, in Jesus' name.

43. The Lord should anoint me to pull down negative strongholds standing against me, in the name of Jesus.

44. Let the thunder fire of God strike down all demonic strongholds manufactured against me.

45. The Lord should anoint me with the power to pursue, overtake and recover my stolen properties from the enemy.

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